miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014


¡Today it's time for English! Do you want to know how it's going the English Assembly? Ok! Come with Nuria and Cristina!

Firstly, we sit down listening and dancing the "stand up and sit down song". Then we say hello: we have two class pets "Sparky Ball" and "Green Monster"

Secondly, Who is in class today? We check our classmate pictures. After that, What day is today? We learn the days of the week trough "Today is Monday" book. "Today is Monday, Monday string beans, all you hungry children, come and eat it up!"

Later, What's the weather today? Not not sunny, not today... We remember the Class rules. Tidy up, Don't bite...

Let's see the magic Wizard! We can have a look diferent English stories such as "From head to toe, How to cath a star, Brown bear what do you see?...

The last one! Bye bye song!

Remember, if you want to have a great time!! Come to English time in Calimero School!!

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